AS Legacy Pucuk Harumnita 30ml x 15 sachets


– Increase energy and fitness levels
– Improve immunization system to prevent disease infection
– Maintaining women’s internal health
– Overcoming fatigue and lethargy of the body
– Eliminate toxins
– Tighten Faraj muscles
– Eliminate vaginal discharge,
– Ease menopause symptoms
– Solve unpleasant odor problems on the intimate part of women
– Maintain ideal body weight
– Helps regulate cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood
– Helps blood circulation and blood pressure
– Solve skin problems such as acne, scars, black and dull skin
– Reduces the impression of wrinkles and fine lines
– Brighten Skin.

Direction Usage
Consume 1/2 sachet of AS Legacy Pucuk Harumnita before breakfast and sleeping time.

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