AuraMen Turbo Super Advance with Whey Protein Plus 900g


AuraMen Turbo Super Advance with Whey Protein Plus is a collagen product for men to nourish the body from the inside.
It contains Whey Protein which is suitable for muscle growth & Fat Burner to burn excessive fat in the body.

– Helps to brighten, cleanse and overcome skin problems such as acne, dull and dry skin.
– Increase energy and stamina of the man with extraordinary impact.
– Helps to firm muscles naturally.
– Removes wind, toxins and fat from the body.
– Helps reduce joint pain and body aches.
– Helps to address the problem of sexual dysfunction
– Helps to increase levels of the testosterone hormone.
– Increase body health.
– Helps improve blood circulation.
– Overcomes prostate and urinary tracts problems
– Helps to lose weight and reduce potbelly

Direction Usage
Take 2 scoops of AuraMen Turbo Super Advance with Whey Protein Plus with 150ml cool water twice a day morning before breakfast and at night before bedtime. (Not allowed to use hot water as it will kill the nutrients in the supplement)
Tips: Recommended to exercise/work out/ jogging and practice healthy diet to get the optimum result. Drink 8 glasses of water per day and avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks and practice balanced nutrition

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