JRM Cenderai Putih Body Butter 250g


JRM Cenderai Putih Body Butter is ‎enriched with Asian and African herb extracts such as shea butter, coconut oil and sweet root (licorice) high in vitamin E and antioxidants for skin health and beauty.‎

– Moisturizer that nourishes the skin
– ‎Detox the skin to remove toxins on the skin and remove toxins and black crusts on the skin.‎
– White Cenderai Body Butter texture is soft and slippery, easy to absorb, not blistered and easy to flatten on the skin.‎
– Helps moisturize dry skin especially the elbows, knees, thigh folding, armpits and back of the nape.‎
– ‎Suitable for men and women 12 years and older.‎
– ‎Ideal for pregnant women to help avoid strech marks.‎

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