Mustika Ratu Jamu Salapan


Mustika Ratu Jamu Salapan Post Maternity Herbal Treatment Set is ideal for mothers that give birth up to 40 days.

Set consists of
1.Galian Parem Wangi: Helps smoothen the flow of breast milk and refresh the body.
2. Pulih Balung Sumsum: Maintain mother’s health, help reducing stiffness and refresh the body.
3.Bubuk Bancar Air Susu: Helps smoothen the flow of breast milk.
4.Tapel Raket Mustika Sejati: Helps to tighten stomach muscle of mother after giving birth.
5. Pilis Wangi: Help improve the flow of blood around the eyes after giving birth.
6. Parem Seger Sumyah: Help maintain mother’s health after giving birth.
7. Minyak Kayu Putih: Help reducing stomach ache.
8. Minyak Telon: Help reduce flatulence stomach and help warm up the body.


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