Mutyara Jus Gugusan Sumatra 350ml


Mutyara Jus Gugusan Sumatra is a modern jamu drink formulated from Honey, Dates, Pomegranate, Cayenne, Garlic and Tumeric for womens’ health.

-Tightens, firms and enhance bust size, including brightens aerola.
– Boost and tighten hips, Breast Muscles and helps saggy bust.
-Reduce tummy size in 7 days.
-It enhances the production of Hormone Estrogen. Eliminates smell.
-Assist with white discharge problem.
-Eliminates smell.
-Tightens Miss V area due to after birth. Walls and vagina entry will be more elastic and tightened naturally.
-Tightens and firms the muscles of Miss V and helps to restore elasticity.

Direction Usage
Consume 2 tablespoons of Mutyara Jus Gugusan Sumatra 2 times a day; in the morning before breakfast and at night before bedtime as drink suggested.

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