V’Asia Platinum Drink 500ml


V’Asia Platinum Drink is enriched with high-quality food antioxidant SUPERFRUITS such as Pomegranate, MaquiBeri, Goji berries, Acai Beri, Blue Beri, Mangosteen and Camu Beri. Contains 55 ingredients and herbs combined such as Cinnamon, Clove, Temulawak, Turmeric, Halia Bara, Cekur, Black Pepper and Bunga Cengkih.

– Contains VitaminB6 and Vitamin E for the goodness of body and joints.
– Mixed with Sunnah foods such as Raisins, Habbatussauda, Honey that helps to maintain health problems and various kinds of diseases.

Direction Usage
Consume V’Asia Platinum Drink 1 to 2 times every morning and evening on an empty stomach and drink a glass of plain water or fruit juice. Shake well before drinking. Start with Bismillah and Selawat.

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